Engine Build Log

Engine Build Log 1.1

A virtual engine log book for engine builders and all engines

This virtual log book program allows you to record and print out all your engine calculations and test results providing both you and your customers with detailed records. With Engine Build Log 1.1 you can input specs for complete engines, machined block or complete short block, rotating assembly and complete head, ignition/fuel and dyno combinations of calculations and the program will present you with accurate results. Importantly, inaccurate results are highlighted for you on every input screen in red and remain there until the problem is fixed. Files can be listed by your customer’s names, order numbers, or engine serial numbers.

For complete engines, the program will check your inputs for piston valve clearance errors or any rod bolt stresses calculating displacements for you and compression ratio, allowing multiple inputs of measurements such as leak down, sonic bore thickness, for example. The interface provides a graph option to display and input your bore thickness data that can also be printed. Your preferences can be set to limit bore thickness and clearance inputs. The engine math option featured will allow you to see calculations and estimates for critical engine conditions, and if you enter limits for critical specs for things like ring end gap for example, any entries of calculations that show up outside those limits will be flagged or listed for your review.

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